List of software available in The Studio


Interested in music?
We have an electronic drum set and an electric guitar! Using the Reaper Digital Audio Workstation, artists can create and record music either ‘live off the floor’ as a group, or can ‘multi-track’ instruments by recording them separately and mixing them together. Songwriters can use the Studio to compose music, and bands can use the Studio to record ‘demo’ version of their songs.

With the Ableton Push / Live package, you can create loops and samples using the same tools that the professionals use! The Arturia Keylab controller is a traditional MIDI keyboard that can trigger hundreds of samples. Both of these can connect to the Reaper DAW recording system for either live recording, one-at-a-time multi-tracking, or just jamming with friends.

Are you a visual artist?
We have a still camera and a digital drawing tablet. With the still camera and the green screen, you can place yourself into practically any scene imaginable! With our ‘Green Screen Fun’ events, and it is now easier than ever for you to practice your Photoshop skills. The digital drawing tablet can help you create graphic novels the same way the professionals do and to apply your freehand drawing skills to the digital realm.

With the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema video camera and Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software, you have access to the same tools used by professional video editors and post-production experts. For customers who already have footage, the Studio is also the perfect place to edit and render projects.

How can I use The Studio?
Just give us a call to book the room: 519-631-6050.
If you think you might need a little bit of instruction or help getting started, we offer introductory sessions to give you a quick overview on how to operate the Studio’s hardware and software.


Please note:

  • Studio Bookings are limited to two hours per day, per person.
  • Studio bookings do not include a dedicated studio technician. The purpose of the Studio is to allow you to explore and learn about video and audio production, and we hope to inspire budding film, photography and music artists to express themselves as part of our Creators’ Community initiative!

Check out our upcoming Studio programs in our online catalogue!