What is the Summer Reading Club?

The Summer Reading Club is a program designed to keep children reading throughout the summer. Joining the program will give each child access to activities, prizes and special events. Each child will also receive a notebook to keep track of their reading progress when they sign up.


Who can join the Summer Reading Club?

Children of all ages can join the program, including babies and toddlers. We encourage families to read together, siblings to read to each other and independent reading. As long as your child is reading or being read to, they can join the club.


How much does it cost?

The Summer Reading Club is absolutely free!


How can I register for the Summer Reading Club?

Registration begins on Tuesday July 3rd and continues throughout the summer. Register at the Information Desk in the Children’s and Teens’ Department.


How long does the program run?

The program will run from July 3rd- Aug. 29th.


What kinds of programs do you have in the summer?

Visit our calendar to see all of the exciting programs that we have planned.


Why do I need to record the books that I am reading or that are being read to me?

Last summer, children at the St. Thomas Public Library read over 6000 books! While we were blown away with the number of books that were read, we want to see if you can beat that number this summer. Are you up for the challenge? Every time that you visit the library, show us your notebook with the books that you have read recorded in it and you will receive a ballot to enter into one of our weekly book draws. We will be doing the draws every Saturday throughout the summer, with our grand prize draw being held on Wednesday, Aug. 29th!