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Study Rooms

photo of one of the library's two study rooms.
photo of library study room

We have two study rooms available for you: the Elgin Room (with a window) and the Talbot Room. Study rooms are FREE and can be used for two hours a day.

To book a study room, you can:

  1. Call us at 519-631-6050
  2. Speak with our staff in person at the library.

Study rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. We’re here to help you find the right space for your needs!

Meeting Rooms

Photo of the Carnegie Room at the Library

Carnegie Room

The Carnegie Room is a bright and welcoming space perfect for larger gatherings! With adjustable lighting and a kitchenette, this room can be set up in a variety of ways for workshops, seminars, or presentations.


  • Seats about 60 people.
  • Access to kitchenette with fridge and sink
  • Adjustable lighting (including a dimmer)
  • Located on the Lower Level

The Carnegie Room rental fee is $50 per hour, or $20 an hour for non-profit organizations.

photo of the Carolyn Kneeshaw Boardroom

Carolyn Kneeshaw Board Room

The Carolyn Kneeshaw Board Room is a perfect option for committee meetings or small team meetings.


  • Seats 10 people
  • Board Room style table with chairs provided
  • Located on the Upper Level

The Carolyn Kneeshaw Board Room rental fee is $25 per hour, or $10 an hour for non-profit organizations.

Rent a Meeting Room

  • Online: You can book a room online using the form below.
  • Print Form: Or, you can print the Meeting Room Application form linked below, fill it out, and bring it to the library.
  • In-Person: If you like, just visit the library and ask our staff for a form.

Important Reminder:

  • You need to follow our Room Rental Policy to use our space, please read it carefully before completing your form.