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Photo of the library van parked next to the library.

St. Thomas Public Library can bring the excitement of the library to YOU! We have a vibrant Library Outreach Van packed with books, activities, information, and library cards. Catch us cruising to schools, neighbourhoods, festivals, and community events, spreading library joy wherever we roll!

Would you like the library to pay you a visit? Fill in the online form that best suits your needs to invite us.

Due to a high volume of requests, we can’t promise to be everywhere, but we will certainly do our best to accommodate your request!


Request for Outreach Services

St. Thomas Public Library (STPL) Outreach Services brings library materials, programs, and services outside library walls, particularly to communities and geographic areas which are underserved.

Please complete this form to be considered for STPL Outreach Services.

Is it a one-time visit request, or a recurring visit request?
Monday - Saturday No outreach services on Sunday
What would you like us to feature at your event?
Check each that apply