St. Thomas Public Library History


Ontario Public Library Guidelines Program


The St. Thomas Public Library received its first accreditation under the Ontario Public Library Guidelines Program in November 2013.

The Guidelines Program was established by the public library community to recognize excellence in library service. An accredited library not only demonstrates that it meets provincial standards of efficiency and service levels, it also acts as a leader in raising the level of public library service across the province.

The accreditation indicates that we have met or surpassed over 100 guidelines dealing with policy, planning, resources and services.

We are proud to say we received our provincial accreditation with a score of 164 out of a possible 165!

Large concrete building with glass windows surrounded by greenery

Mother & Child Statue

Artist: Jiri Hanzalek (1926 – 2012)

The Mother and Child statue was loaned to the Library for the grand opening on 4 October 1974 by the artist for a six month period. A committee was formed in 1975 to raise funds to purchase the fiberglass original for the library, then it was recast in bronze with the help of a Wintario grant in 1978.

Resource: From a pamphlet created for the opening of the new St.  Thomas-Elgin Library, Oct 4, 1974. Click here to access the document virtually.


Another version of the statue stands in Chechia. Click here to see the statue.

bronze statue of mother holding arms of smaller child in a dancing gesture in front of grey stone building