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Welcome to the Maker Lab at St. Thomas Public Library!

Visit our Maker Lab at St. Thomas Public Library and make your ideas come to life! You can work on your personal projects, discover a fun new hobby, and make things that enhance your small business or brand. We have 3D printers, vinyl cutters, button makers, and more. Don’t forget to explore our library catalog for awesome books about making and technology. See what’s available in our online catalogue!

Laser Cutter


Photo of the Epilog FusionEdge Laser Cutter in the Library's Maker Lab
Photo of wooden coasters with local maps etched onto them, created on the library's laser cutter
Photo of a cookie with St. Thomas Public Library's logo on it, the logo was etched into the cookie using the library's laser cutter.

Check out the Epilog FusionEdge Laser Cutter! This powerful and creative tool is a lot more straightforward and easy to use then you think. Here’s what it can do:

  • Cut a variety of materials such as wood, acrylic, paper, cardstock, cardboard, felt, cork, leather, and some other materials.
  • Engraving can be done on the materials listed above, along with some metal and glass that is suitable to laser engraving.
  • The machine uses a 50 Watt CO2 laser that can cut up to a 1/4 inch thickness in most materials.
  • The maximum width and lenth of the materials used in the machine is 12 x 24″ (inches).
Photo of a piece of wood that is marked as 1 foot by 2 feet, and sectioned into half (1 foot x 1 foot) and a quarter (1 foot by 0.5 feet) to show the size of the materials in relation to the prices.

Laser Cutter Material Pricing

Material Full Sheet Half Sheet Quarter Sheet
Birch Plywood $10 $7.50 $5
Acrylic $20 $15 $10
Bring Your Own Material No Charge No Charge No Charge

Book a 1-on-1 Help Session

In a 1-on-1 help session, a staff will give you an overview of what the laser cutter is capable of creating. If you have a project already designed and ready to go, then we can also provide assistance. If you want more detailed information about how to use the laser cutter, then signing up for a program is highly recommended!

Join a Program

Join our introductory program, A Freakin’ Laser Cutter, to learn how to use the laser cutter and create a small project. Click below for dates, times, and to register.

Custom Vinyl + Stickers

photo of a sign on the library widow of opening hours, created with vinyl
photo of a coffee thermos decorated with vinyl hearts
photo of a colourful sticker created in the Maker Lab

Looking to create eye-catching signage? Personalized gifts? How about custom stickers from your own artwork? Our Maker Lab has you covered with a range of options using our Roland BN20 printer, vinyl cutting machine, and Cricut. Here’s what you can do:

Versatile Printing: Our Roland BN20 printer is perfect for creating vibrant vinyl graphics for indoor and outdoor signage. Display your business hours, create wayfinding signs, or create a welcome sign for your porch with vinyl-printing.

Custom Stickers: Need branded stickers for your business or event? Want to create a sticker out of your own unique artwork? Produce stickers in the Maker Lab!

Customized Items: Get creative with customized items. Add your name to a mug, create custom drinking glasses for a gift, personalize anything!

Cost: A machine fee of $2 and $0.50 per inch of length of vinyl, or $0.03 per square inch of Cricut material pieces

Heat Press

Create customize wearable items! Staff can assist you with using the Maker Lab’s Heat Press to add a custom image to t-shirts, tote bags, tea towels, or other material!

Cost: Printing on heat transfer roll costs $2 machine fee + $0.75 per inch of length of the print.

A library staff member shows off a tote bag with an artistic design on it, custom made in the Maker Lab

Large Format Printing

Make beautiful large format, full colour posters to advertise events, raise awareness of your business or service, or decorate your home! In our Maker Lab, you can use the Roland BN20 Printer to bring your designs to life. Here’s what you need to know:

Generous Print Size: With our large format printer, you have plenty of space to work with. It can handle prints up to 20 inches wide, giving you the room you need to make your visuals stand out.

Cost: Machine fee of $2 + $0.50 per inch of length of your print.

So, whether it’s event promotion or business marketing, the Roland BN20 Printer in our Maker Lab has got you covered!

Poster photo

Button & Magnet Making

The library has button makers that can make 1″, 1.5″, and 2.25″ buttons or magnets!

What is the cost?

1″ (small) –  2 for $0.25
1.5″ (medium): $0.25 each
2.25″ (large) : $0.25 each

Magnet (any size): $0.25 each

+ Printing Costs ($0.25 per page for black and white, $1.00 per page for colour)

3D Printing

photo of shiny gold mushrooms, 3D printed at the library
photo of a 3D printed pokemon chess set
photo of a bottle and pixelated sunglasses, 3D printed at the library

What is 3D printing?

3D printing allows you to create a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model. Learn how to create and print objects in the Maker Lab!

Make an appointment or visit us for a drop in tech help session if you want to learn more about 3D printing. After, you will be able to come in anytime and print your own 3D objects!

What can you make on the 3D printer?

Almost anything: game tokens, knobs and dials, business card holders, unique keychains with your logo, cookie cutters, and more! The possibilities are endless!

What is the cost for 3D Printing?

3D printing does not cost a lot – you can purchase your 3D print for a $2.00 flat rate + $0.05 per gram.

Our Maker Lab Policy outlines the terms of use for all of our Maker Lab services.