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What We Offer

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The microfilm collection includes St. Thomas newspapers from 1832 to present and some of the City Directories. Reserving a microfilm reader/printer in advance is encouraged!

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Ancestry Library Edition

The word’s top genealogy website is available to you with your library card. Explore it here!

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Informative Books

We have several local history books that can be explored here at the library. Find a curated list of helpful local history titles here.

Helpful Links

Pro-Quest Ancestry Library Edition User Guide

Researching your family history is like embarking on a captivating journey through time, discovering the stories and connections hat have shaped your identity. To make this adventure smoother and more rewarding, PRO-QUEST compiled a user guide for Ancestry Library Edition, a powerful tool available to you.

Local History & Railway Documents

Step into the world of St. Thomas, a town where the echoes of locomotives have resonated through the ages. Our collection includes documents that chronicle the town’s evolution, from its early days to becoming a pivotal hub along significant railway lines. Explore our list of Local History documents, books, and resources that detail the history of St. Thomas.

Research Resources

Here is a curated list of resources that will enrich your local history research journey.

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