Holds Pick-up Lockers @ Elgin Centre

Did you know that you can send your holds to be picked up at the Elgin Centre?

You can place holds on almost any item from the main Library, and when you select “Elgin Mall Locker” as the hold pick-up location, we will send the items over to the Mall for you to pick up! This is a new way we are trying to make accessing library materials more convenient than ever!

Once you’ve placed the hold, and selected “Elgin Mall Locker”, you will receive an email notification when the hold is available for pick-up from the locker. It will be held in the locker for 6 days and is accessible during the Mall’s open hours. Holds must be picked up before 12pm on the day of expiry.

Once you’ve received the notification email, simply walk up to the machine and scan your library card. The locker that has your items will automatically open, and the items inside get automatically checked out to your account.

The locker has a return bin built-in, so you can return borrowed materials at the Elgin Centre as well!