Friends of St. Thomas Public Library are volunteers who help raise funds for the library and promote the library as a cultural institution in the community. They began in 1994, and have so far donated over $200,000 to St. Thomas Public Library.

Benefits of Being a Friend

  • Receive a Friends of St. Thomas Public Library membership card
  • Meet new people and stay active
  • Get involved and better the community
  • Help the library raise funds for new books, equipment, and other improvements!

Friends’ Goals

  • To foster an awareness and understanding of the importance of the public library’s role in the community.
  • To enable the Public Library’s pursuit of its purposes though fund raising, promotion, and support of Library programs and participation in Library activities.
  • To increase the community’s understanding of the benefits derived from the areas of cultural, recreational, and educational pursuits.
  • To build a strong membership of enthusiastic Friends, dedicated to furthering the purposes of the Public Library

Friends’ Board of Directors

President Greg Grondin
Vice-President Cathy Topping
Secretary Jean Macpherson
Treasurer Norma Mann
Membership Linda Alton
Director John Cerven
Director Gina Kunkel

If you need more information about the Friends of St. Thomas Public Library, please contact Heather Robinson by phone at (519) 631-6050, ext. 8027, or via email.


Elgin Mall, 417 Wellington Street,
St. Thomas, ON, N5R 6G2

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Saturday: 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the books come from?
Books come from several different places! Some are old books that have been discarded from the library’s collection, and others are donations.

Can I donate my old books?
Most certainly! We gratefully accept gently used books (hardcover, softcover, paperback, large print, etc.), magazines, and movies. We welcome fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, books for young adults, picture books, board books, coffee table books, cookbooks, whatever! Just drop them off at the Library Friends Shop during store hours.

Please note that we do not accept the following: Damaged books, Encyclopedias, Textbooks, Computer books older than 2 years, National Geographic, Condensed Reader’s Digest, health-related books older than 5 years, & Time Life Series.

What will be done with my donations?
First, we check to see if your donations can be used in the library’s collection. Sometimes, the copy of a book you donate is in better shape than the library’s copy on the shelf, so we swap them out. Other times, we don’t have the book you donated at all, and it turns out that it’s a book that we should have in the collection! If neither of those are the case, we have sorters sort the books to get them ready for the shop front. The sales from your donations go to the Friends of St. Thomas Public Library, who in turn donate that money back to the library. Long story short, your donations help the library!


Why should I volunteer for the Friends of the Library?
Did you know that helping others can help you too? Here are just a few of the great benefits of volunteering for the Friends of the Library!

  • Meet and interact with library staff and other volunteers
  • Develop teamwork, leadership, organization, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Gain confidence
  • Help make a difference in your community
  • Volunteer involvement looks great on resumes and college/university applications!

Would you like to become a volunteer? Here’s how!

  • Look through our volunteer position descriptions below and see which one interests you
  • Pick up a volunteer application from the Friends of the Library Book Shop, or print one HERE
  • Complete the form and return it in person to the Friends of the Library Shop (417 Wellington Street)

The Volunteer Coordinator will connect you with a representative from the Friends of the Library.

Below are descriptions of the volunteer positions we offer:

Friends’ Shop Manager
Under the direction of the Chairman and/or Vice Chairman of the Friends of St. Thomas Public Library, ensures the successful and profitable operation of the Library Friends’ Shop; aids customers with the selection and purchase of shop goods, collects payment, provides change and receipts, ensures counting and balancing of daily cash, sorts and shelves donations, collects and provides statistics, maintains a tidy shop, and arranges for publicity and advertising. The Manager shall work with the Friends’ Shop Volunteer Co-ordinator and greet volunteers and customers in a professional and friendly manner. The Manager shall liaise with library staff, other Friends, and the Library Board, and act as an ambassador for the library.
For a more detailed job description, click here!

Friends Shop Book Sorter
Under the direction of the Library Friends’ Shop Manager, the Book Sorter helps sort donations of books and other material into categories, shelves donations, keeps the shop and back area tidy, creates displays, and assists customers as needed.
For a more detailed job description, click here!

Friends Shop Clerk
Under the direction of the Library Friends’ Shop Store Manager, the Book Shop Clerk helps customers select and purchase shop goods, collects payment, provides change and receipts, greets customers in a professional and friendly manner, and helps to keep the shop looking neat and tidy.
For a more detailed job description, click here!

Please note:

  • Volunteers may assist with more than one position
  • It may take time for our Volunteer Coordinator to contact you to arrange an interview, as we interview for our highest-priority needs first
  • Completing an application and/or an interview does not guarantee you a volunteer position

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