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    Library Resources for Educators

    Welcome to the St. Thomas Public Library’s Educator Resources! Our goal is to support you as educators with specialized services. These services are for:

    • Teachers
    • Early Childhood Educators
    • Educational Assistants
    • Employees of Daycare Facilities
    • Employees or Providers of Before/After School Programs

     We’re here to support your educational journey every step of the way. Explore our resources below!

    Educator Cards

    Get a specialized library card just for educators.

    Class Visits

    Bring your class to the library, or request that the library comes to visit you.

    Class Book Picks

    Let us pick books for your class!


    Library Outreach to Schools

    St. Thomas Public Library (STPL) Outreach Services brings library programs and services outside library walls, allowing students to connect with the public library conveniently at their school.

    Please complete this form to request STPL Outreach Services to Schools.

    Educator Cards

    Educator library cards are available to educators within the City of St. Thomas, Elgin County, the City of London, Middlesex County, and Oxford County.

    Who qualifies?

    Teachers, Early Childhood Educators, Educational Assistants, daycare facility staff, and before/after school program providers – if you’re helping students learn, this card is for you.

    How do you get one?

    To get your hands on an Educator Card, all you need is an existing full-service library membership and one of these proofs in physical or digital form: your work ID card, business card, paystub, or professional education organization membership card.

    What do I get with an Educator Card?

    Enjoy a generous six-week loan period, and one renewal on books and audiobooks (if no holds exist on the items).

    Just a heads up, though – these cards are fresh every year, expiring on August 1. But don’t worry, renewal is a breeze with proof of your educator status and a current full access membership.

    Remember, your Educator Card is separate from your personal library card, so keep those personal reads on the personal card. Ready to take your classroom resources to the next level? Come to the library and get your St. Thomas Public Library Educator Card today and open up a world of educational possibilities!

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    Text: Class Visits. Photo of the children's department at the library.

    Class Visits

    Bring Your Class to the Library!

    Come to the library and explore! Bring your class for a special presentation from library staff followed by a chance to browse. *We can accommodate up to thirty students for a class visit.

    Please choose from the following options for your visit:

    Library 101 (All Grades): Join us for a lively presentation on harnessing the power of your public library. Discover the world of online resources accessible with your library card, and test your knowledge with a fun library trivia game!

    Maker Lab – Design and Make Your Own Button (Grade 1): Unleash your creativity in our Maker Lab! Let your students design and color their own buttons, then bring their ideas to life using our button press. Each child leaves with a custom pin-back button they’ve created themselves.

    Maker Lab – LED Circuitry Basics (Grades 2 – 4): Delve into the fascinating world of LED lights and circuitry. Students receive a hands-on tutorial and even take home their own project to showcase their newfound knowledge.

    Maker Lab – Hack-a-Solution (Grades 5+): Challenge your students with a real-world problem-solving task. Your class collaboratively identifies a classroom or school issue and uses Tinkercad to design a 3D printed solution. The winning design is selected for printing!

    Library Research (Grades 7 – 12): Equip your students with essential research skills. Learn how to navigate the library for school projects, master source citation techniques, and discover the art of gathering reliable online information.

    Summer Reading Club (All Grades) – Available in May and June: Get a head start on summer fun! We’ll introduce your class to the exciting activities our library has planned for the summer.

    Signing up for Library Cards:

    Library cards are not necessary for class visits, but we encourage you to print the application form and distribute it to your class so they can get a card on their own time:

    A virtual card is also available, more information here:

    PLEASE NOTE: A parent or guardian must sign for children up to grade 8.

    Fill out the form below to come and visit us!

    Please give us three options for preferred dates and times to visit us.

    School Outreach Request Form

    St. Thomas Public Library (STPL) Outreach Services brings library programs and services outside library walls, allowing students to connect with the public library conveniently at their school.

    Please complete this form to request STPL Outreach Services to Schools.

    School Event, Class Visit, or Recurring Scheduled Visit
    Monday - Friday
    School or School Event Location
    Check each that apply
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    Class Book Picks

    Discover the convenience of our personalized Class Book Picks for educators! When you fill out the form below, our dedicated library staff will curate a handpicked collection of books tailored to your classroom’s needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching through endless shelves – let us do that! Just fill out the form below to let us know what you need.

    Please be as specific as possible. Please attach any project sheets below if relevant.