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We’re making some changes to serve you better! Starting December 28, 2020, St. Thomas Public Library will be bringing you all your favourite eBooks and eAudiobooks in one place: cloudLibrary! Access thousands of free eBooks and eAudiobooks with your library card on cloudLibrary!

What does this mean for you? More titles, more copies, and more content available to you sooner on one platform! CloudLibrary will be the sole platform for eBooks and eAudiobooks at your library as we transition away from Overdrive and Libby. Your existing content on Overdrive and Libby will be accessible until December, 28, 2020. CloudLibrary is available now, and we encourage you to try it out!

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Have questions? Visit the support site, call us at 519-631-6050, or send us an email!


FAQ: Learn more about our switch to cloudLibrary here!

Why is this change happening?

St. Thomas Public Library is always looking at ways to improve the opportunities and services for our community. The decision to have cloudLibrary as the sole platform for eBooks & eAudiobooks is data-driven and informed. We know that the landscape for digital content consumption is changing quickly; we also know that there is an increasing demand for more: more titles, more copies, and more content, and in a shorter amount of time! CloudLibrary gives us the ability and flexibility to adapt to our community and users.

How long will OverDrive/Libby be available? 

OverDrive/Libby will be available until December 28, 2020. During this time, OverDrive/Libby users will still be able to access content. However, any holds that are not filled before to December 28, 2020 won’t be transferred over to cloudLibrary. CloudLibrary is currently available and we encourage you to try it out!

What happens to my account after OverDrive/Libby is shut down?

Once OverDrive/Libby is shut down, existing information associated with your St. Thomas Public Library OverDrive/Libby account will be removed.

Can I still place holds on title in OverDrive/Libby?

Any holds you place on OverDrive/Libby content won’t be captured in cloudLibrary and will be removed December 28, 2020. We encourage you to switch over to cloudLibrary to start placing holds on titles to make sure your holds will be filled in the future.

Will my holds be automatically transferred from OverDrive/Libby to cloudLibrary?

No. Your holds from OverDrive/Libby won’t be automatically transferred to cloudLibrary. We encourage you to switch over to cloudLibrary to start placing holds on titles. You might want to review the holds you currently have in OverDrive and place those on the cloudLibrary titles. If the title you’re looking for isn’t in our collection, you can let us know by suggesting a title for purchase.

Will my reading history be automatically transferred from OverDrive/Libby to cloudLibrary?

No. Your reading history in OverDrive/Libby won’t be automatically transferred to cloudLibrary. If you want to keep your OverDrive reading history, you will need to copy this information and save it elsewhere before the OverDrive platform is shut-down.

Will my OverDrive/Libby account from another public library (e.g. Elgin County, London, etc.) be impacted by the OverDrive/Libby shut-down happening at St. Thomas Public Library?

No. St. Thomas Public Library will be discontinuing our subscription to the OverDrive/Libby platform, however, you can still access OverDrive/Libby using a library card from other participating municipalities if you have one.

If I already have an account with OverDrive/Libby, do I need to sign up for an account with cloudLibrary to use the platform?

Yes. You will need to sign up for an account with cloudLibrary, but it is very easy to do! Download the cloudLibrary app on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet and simply follow the prompts to find St. Thomas Public Library and sign in using your library card.


Flipster: Online Magazines


Use the free Flipster App to download magazines for offline reading. Simply browse and view magazines through the Flipster link on the library’s website, and select the “Open in App” option to download magazines to the app, where they can be read and managed offline.

  • Download the App for iOS
  • Download the App for Android

Tumblebook Cloud + Teen Book Cloud:

Read-along Titles for Children and Teens


TumbleBook Cloud is an online collection of read-along titles for elementary, middle school, and high school students. You can find chapter books, early readers, young adult novels, and classics in American and English literature! Titles feature adjustable online text and complete audio narration. Sentences are highlighted as they are read and the pages turn automatically!

Teen Book Cloud is an online database of eBooks and resources perfect for  middle or high school readers with plenty of graphic novels, enhanced novels, eBooks, classic literature, National Geographic videos, educator resources, and eAudiobooks. The collection is available online around the clock. No downloads, no waiting! If you can access the internet, you can be reading, watching, or listening to fantastic content.

Audiobook Cloud: Your Online Audio Library


Check out Audiobook Cloud for an online collection of streamable eAudiobooks, free with your library card!