Who we are:

 St. Thomas Public Library is much more than a place to find a good book (though we carry outstanding titles for all ages at any given time!).

We believe our community deserves an excellent library.


Why invest in St. Thomas Public Library? 

 Not all library funding is from government.  Private donations like yours are used in many ways, including enhancing our collections and  piloting  innovative programs that reach early learners, school-age children and teens and adults.

We know St. Thomas residents and visitors love this library.  We welcome over 800 people through our doors daily- we are where people choose to be for many reasons.

Your donation to the library is an investment in our community.

Donors like you have contributed to our Creators’ Corner, and, most recently to a new Reading Garden.

With your continued support we will remain proactive, serve as a community hub, take some risk, and push for innovation.

We hope you’ll be part of this continuing journey by making a donation today – in person or online.  When online, please consider becoming a Monthly Supporter of the library.

Our Charitable Registration # is 12948-5967-RR0001.


Donate online through Canada Helps
Online donations to the St. Thomas Public Library are handled through Canada Helps is a non-profit, charitable organization providing secure online donations services to Canadian charities. St. Thomas Public Library will receive your donation; however, your income tax receipt will come from Canada Helps. All transactions are secure and your personal information will remain confidential.
Donate right now

Donate in-person

Our staff are pleased to accept your donations in-person. We accept cash, personal cheques, debit, and credit card donations.

Donate by mail

If you would prefer to mail your donation, simply print the appropriate form from those listed.

Please enclose your payment with your completed form. Please do not send cash in the mail.

Your form and payment can be mailed to:

Heather Robinson
Chief Librarian / CEO
153 Curtis St.
St. Thomas, Ontario
N5P 3Z7
Tel: 519-631-6050 ext. 8027

Leave an In Memoriam Gift

Traditionally when a friend or loved one passes on people often send flowers to the family of the deceased to show respect, to demonstrate that they share their loss, and to celebrate a life well-lived. Increasingly, in lieu of flowers, many people prefer to make a donation to a not-for-profit organization as a tangible and permanent way to pay tribute. An In Memoriam donation to St. Thomas Public Library is a meaningful way to pay tribute to the memory of someone who cared about their community.

When In Memoriam donations are made to St. Thomas Public Library, we respond to each donor personally. As well, a letter is sent to the next of kin, keeping them up-to-date with all donations that have been made in memory of their loved one.

If you would like to make a donation in memory of a loved one, you can do so online through Canada Helps, or you can contact Heather Robinson, Chief Librarian and CEO at 519-631-6050 ext. 8027, or by e-mail at

Leave a Planned Gift

Unexpected gifts to St. Thomas Public Library are always appreciated, but a well planned gift can often be more effective, for both the donor and for the Library. A planned gift is a charitable gift that you plan for now, but is not received by the Library until later. It is a very personal statement about the values you have embraced throughout your lifetime. The giving ideas highlighted on this webpage may provide a way for you to make the gift of a lifetime while providing significant benefits for yourself and your loved ones.

We recommend that you discuss any gift arrangement with your professional advisors in order to make the best decision for your estate and financial plans. We also welcome the opportunity to discuss the many gift planning opportunities with you in confidence. Please feel free to contact us at any time at 519-631-6050 ext: 8026 to speak with a staff member from the Library’s Administration Office.

We recognize and honour all individuals, businesses, service clubs, foundations and community organizations making donations or gifts-in-kind to the Library. If you prefer not to receive public recognition for your support, please let us know. Your privacy and right to give anonymously will be honoured. St. Thomas Public Library is a registered charity. Our Charitable Registration # is 12948-5967-RR0001.

There are many different types of planned charitable gifts. Please see below for more information on some of them.

Most often, planned gifts are made in the form of a bequest through a will. A bequest to the St. Thomas Public Library will ensure that you leave a lasting legacy to your library, while not affecting your present assets. You can set aside a specific dollar amount, leave a percentage of your estate, or leave any assets left over after you have provided for your family.

Gifts of life insurance
Many people are unaware that a gift of a life insurance policy makes an excellent charitable gift without tapping into current assets. People sometimes have life insurance policies that have outlived their needs. Policies taken out to protect mortgages that have since been paid or educational plans that have been completed, for example, can make excellent charitable gifts. By irrevocably transferring ownership and naming the Library as beneficiary, you will receive a tax receipt for the cash surrender value of the policy.

You can also name the Library as beneficiary or co-beneficiary of a policy, without changing ownership, and your estate will receive the tax receipt.

Still others wishing to give beyond their immediate resources find they can make a large gift by purchasing a new life insurance policy. If the Library is named the irrevocable owner and beneficiary, every premium payment made can qualify for a tax receipt.

Charitable remainder trust
A charitable remainder trust involves a transfer of assets to a separately managed trust fund that provides you and/or a beneficiary with an annual payment for life or for a specified period of time. At the end of that time, the trust property passes on to the Library


Further information can be obtained by contacting Heather Robinson, Chief Librarian and CEO, at 519-631-6050 ext: 8027, or by e-mail at

  • Public funding supports libraries, but often it is private gifts that make them flourish.

    A donation in your name to St. Thomas Public Library will benefit the library forever. When planning your community bequests please consider making a lasting gift to your Library as part of your legacy. St. Thomas Public Library deeply appreciates the community commitment shown through by our Library Champions.

    St. Thomas Public Library recognizes our Library Champions:

    George Thorman Room
    George Thorman was a well-loved Elgin educator, historian and author. He taught for many years at St.Thomas Collegiate Institute, and later taught and became principal at Parkside Collegiate. He was a founding member of the Elgin Military Museum, and past resident of the Elgin Historical Society. But library staff remember him for the many hours he spent in the library’s local history room, doing research, chatting with customers, and answering questions from public and staff alike. The upper level Local History area was renamed the George Thorman Room in 1989, and rededicated on the 20th anniversary in 2009.

    Carolyn Kneeshaw Board Room
    Carolyn Kneeshaw was Chief Librarian from 1980 to 2006. Carolyn actually started at the library as Head of the Adult Services Department in 1969. After taking time off to raise her children, she returned to the library as CEO in 1980. After she passed away in 2014, the Library Board renamed the Board room in honour of Carolyn Kneeshaw, in recognition of her long time dedication to St. Thomas Public Library and her contributions to the community.

    Palmer Youth Library
    In 2010, the Library Board received a donation of $300,000 from Dorothy Palmer for the development of the John & Dorothy Palmer Youth Library. As you visit the Children’s and Teens’ area, you’ll see many special attractions and unique features that were made possible with the help of this generous donation. Dorothy and her husband John never had children of their own, but they recognized the impact that a library can make in the lives of children. Our customers still benefit from that generous legacy.

    Fred and Ethel Ingram Activity Centre for Children
    In making her donation for the Palmer Youth Library, Dorothy Palmer requested that a room or space be set aside for children’s programming and be named after her parents, Fred and Ethel Ingram.

    Creators’ Community
    In addition to many other projects at the library, the Dorothy Palmer Estate donated additional funds which allowed St. Thomas Public Library to develop Creators’ Community; a space in the library dedicated to creativity, design, and innovation.

    Don and Shirley McNabb Donation
    Prior to his retirement, Donald McNabb was a Geography teacher at Central Elgin Collegiate in St. Thomas. Don held a pilot’s licence and he and his wife Shirley were recurrent travelers. Don’s fascination with the world and its people was expressed in his interest in his students. He arranged for his students to experience a flight in an airplane (the first time that many had flown) over the immediate vicinity. A report about settlement and traffic patterns, land use, glacial features etc. was expected. This gave his students a practical application of Geography and a sense of St. Thomas in the “big picture.” It was a view from a different perspective.

    After his retirement, Don and Shirley were weekly and welcome visitors to the St. Thomas Public Library. They continued their involvement with the world and their community with a donation to the St. Thomas Public Library. In his later years, Don was a great user of the large print collection, and he left a generous donation in support of large print and audio visual materials. Customers benefit from their gift daily.

    George Robert Rinn
    Harris Lionel Rinn, a teacher a Westdale Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario, died on September 10, 1954. In his will, he provided a legacy in memory of his father, George Robert Rinn. Rinn had been a well-known grocer and butcher in St. Thomas. The legacy provided $10,000 to St. Thomas Public Library, to be used for the purpose of purchasing materials on the Arts. The Library Board invested the money, and has used interest from the investment to purchase materials. The Rinn Trust has proven to be an important source of cultural information for the citizens of St. Thomas. The Trust will continue to contribute to the community!

    Friends of St. Thomas Public Library
    Friends of St. Thomas Public Library are volunteers who help raise funds for the library and promote the library as a cultural institution in the community. They began in 1994, and have so far donated over $200,000 to St. Thomas Public Library.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Heather Robinson, Chief Librarian and CEO, at 519-631-6050 ext: 8027, or by e-mail at

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