1000 Books Before Kindergarten 

father in grey shirt reads a colourful storybook to baby in blue jumper

Launches January 2022!

1000 Books before Kindergarten is designed to give your little ones a head start on reading! The benefits are obvious: reading more supports literacy and helps prepare children for school. 

In January, you will be able to pick up or download a tracking sheet to count books read. Once you’ve read 1000 books, we’ll give you a certificate!

Impressive Reader Society

young boy in orange shirt sits on a bed reading a blue picture book

Launches January 2022!

Give your child a head start on their summer reading and challenge them to meet new goals! All school age children will be able to participate. In January, you will be able to download or pick up a tracking sheet from the library. Your child will receive a special button for each milestone!